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Frequently asked questions on WHO CAN USE RUZU BITTERS and how to use it to achieve the desired results

Q, Who can take Ruzu Herbal Bitters?

A .Anyone can use Ruzu, even children of 2 year and above including the elderly ones.

Q .Must I be sick or have any of these problems before I take Ruzu?

A. You don’t have to be sick or have any of these to take ruzu because of its preventive qualities, it will help you prevent any ailments from inflicting the body and cleanse your entire body system, Leaving you sickness free.

Q .Can I take Ruzu alongside Orthodox drugs?

A. yes you can take ruzu with other drugs, but make sure you give 1-2 hours between them, for instance you take your orthodox drug by 7am then wait till about 8am to use ruzu or vice versa

Q .What Dosage is required to get results?

A. Adult: 2 – 4 table spoonful (40ml) twice daily before breakfast and before bedtime at night or as directed by your health practitioners.

Children: 2 years and above, 1 – 2 teaspoonful (5ml) once in three days.


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