Q: Please someone having ulcer and taking ruzu for d first time; should he take 10mls twice daily or start 10lms once a day? I don’t want him to experience heart burn that’s why I’m asking please I need your advice.

A: Depends on his body weight 20ml daily is fine, but he must take enough water before and after using Ruzu or the person can switch to Ruzu capsule taken with water as well.

Q: How do I recommend the use of Ruzu to someone who complained of seeing blood in her stool?

A: Check if the person is not an ulcer patient. If he/she is, advise him/her to always take a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu. If he/she is not an ulcer patient, he/she is most likely overdosing on Ruzu. Reduce the dose and or frequency of dosage to once daily.

Q: For people with ulcer, what is the difference between taking a glass of water before and after using Ruzu, and pouring Ruzu in Water and drink?

A: Putting Ruzu in 2 glasses of water before drinking and taking a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu is almost one and the same in effect. The idea is to increase the pH of Ruzu and make it much less acidic. However, it may be more convenient to do the latter.

Q: 2 days after someone started taking Ruzu, he began to pass out bloody stool. What is d cause & why is it like that for him?

A: He is most likely an ulcer patient. He may not even be aware of his ulcer status. Tell him to stop for a week or two. When he resumes, he should take a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu and he will be fine.



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  1. Good day, someone told me about this product of yours” Ruzu” today. She used it and it worked for now she’s pregnant upon she has fibroid. Then my own case is the same fibroid. Since January now I have not seen my menses, and before the seizing of my menses it comes out with heavy flow, so painful and after the blood water water will be coming everything will clocking 2 weeks or more than that, and since then I find it difficult to conceive. All the Doctors says operation but I say no to it. Meanwhile I have taken Forever living products and other concurtions yet all to no avail. Honestly I am tired.

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