Q: What is the effect of Ruzu on Fibroids at early stage and advanced stage?

A: To answer this question with all the details required requires that a research designed to focus on this is carried out. However, from the understanding of fibroid and the mechanism of action of Ruzu, a possible answer may be proffered. Fibroid is a benign growth, an example of normal cells growing abnormally, a condition which has a correlation with oxidative stress that Ruzu deals with. The fact that Ruzu can maintain and repair cells, reduces the chances that fibroid will survive. Back to the question, Ruzu is expected to first arrest oxidants in the physiological environment of the fibroid and subsequently help the cells to either begin to respect endogenous regulatory mechanisms and stop uncontrolled proliferation or induce the immune system to mop up the fibroid cells. Remember that Ruzu is also an immune booster. The time frame for each of these phases would differ in different persons though.

Q: I have been taking Ruzu for fibroids and I’m on the 7th bottle. But I recently started having serious sharp pains in my lower abdomen and very painful urination for a week now. May I kindly get a doctor’s advice? The pains are unbearable and I would like to know what’s going on.

A: If the person can bear it, she should continue using Ruzu. The pain will subside. However, she may suspend taking Ruzu for another three days and resume after


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